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Desert Safari Activities

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Desert Safari

Dune Buggy Tours

Journeying across the Arabian Desert goes beyond simply exploring its expanse; rather, it involves uncovering untold tales inscribed deep within its sands - something AL QUDRA Tours makes a point of doing with every trip they offer. Our philosophy is built around providing unforgettable desert exploration experiences - not simply promises. With one of the industry's finest fleets, we encourage adventurers to discover its incredible splendor for themselves. No matter if it's the agile Polaris RS1 or powerful Can-Am X3 Turbo, or unmatched power of The Berserker (our Can-Am Maverick R), each vehicle comes equipped with advanced safety features, including 4-point race harnesses, doors and full roll cages, to make sure every journey is both thrilling and safe. Beyond driving, our tours feature moments of quiet joy ranging from snacks and refreshments to the exhilarating thrills of sandboarding - all led by experienced professionals trained to bring the desert closer to your heart. At AL QUDRA Tours, we don't just provide trips; we promise memories you'll never forget that are safe, quality, and adventurous all at the same time.

Selecting Your Ideal Desert Adventure Buggy: A Guide to the Best Rental Experience

Find your ideal desert buggy at Al Qudra Tours. Our premium selection of well-maintained buggies provides something suitable for every level. Our knowledgeable team guides you in choosing one to maximize safety and performance on your journey - you're bound to experience thrills like no other on our exciting dune buggy adventures tailored exactly to your desires for an adventure that exceeds all expectations!

Dune Buggy Safari: Exhilarating Adventure Across the Dubai Desert

Step into Dubai's expansive desert for an unmatched thrill with a dune buggy tour guided by experts. As you navigate rolling dunes and tackle challenging terrains, feeling the adrenaline pumping, you will experience off-road driving combined with breathtaking beauty of desert landscape. Experience breathtaking scenes as you drive over sandy expanses - creating memories to last a lifetime and truly taking a journey into its heart for an experience unlike any other.

AL Qudra Tours of Dubai presents Beyond Dune Buggies Tours that allow visitors to experience its Desert Wonders.

AL Qudra Tours provides more than just dune buggy adventures in Dubai; our wide variety of outdoor activities caters to everyone, with quad biking allowing for hands-on off-road exploration, sandboarding for an exhilarating ride down dunes, and traditional camel rides through the desert backed up by experts ensuring safety, thrills, and personal touches to guarantee an unforgettable adventure experience! Explore Dubai's magnificent desert with us and take on an adventure you won't soon forget.

Enjoy the real adventure in dubai desert

Quad Biking Tour Packages

Quad biking through the Dubai Desert is an unforgettable journey that should be on every adventurer's bucket list. Set against Al Badayer, known for its majestic 30 foot red sand dunes, our quad safari tours provide an immersive desert experience. AL QUDRA Experience takes great pride in not only offering an exciting adventure experience but also prioritizing safety and enrichment of our guests through professional desert enthusiasts. With our fleet of luxury quad bikes, 4x4s, and Dune Buggies in Dubai, we bring the vast expanse of the desert closer to home. No matter if it be on an exciting quad bike tour or with our cutting-edge ATVs, our tours are designed to turn the desert into a place of discovery and thrills. Come explore its undulating landscapes while experiencing its spirit in ways that will remain vivid in your memory for years.

Desert Thrills Unleashed: Safari and Quad Biking Adventures in Dubai

embark on an unforgettable desert journey with AL QUDRA Experience’s customized Quad and Desert Safari adventures through Dubai’s incredible dunes. Expert guides and experienced chauffeurs lead our safaris, offering thrilling quad biking, 4X4 dune bashing, peaceful camel rides and cultural experiences such as Arabian belly dancing. Indulge in exquisite barbecue dinners under the stars! Al QUDRA Experience’s fleet ensures a safe and thrilling ride across diverse terrain, suitable for riders of all skill levels. Along with thrilling adventure activities, our Majilis room or sports activities make your experience truly complete. Plus with competitive pricing and easy booking processes, AL QUDRA Experience promises an adventure full of excitement, discovery, and lasting memories in Dubai’s desert! Join us and dive deep into Dubai’s desert for an experience like no other!

Fly in the air with alqudra

Hot Air Balloon Packages

AL QUDRA TOURS invites you to experience Dubai like never before with our unforgettable hot air balloon tours! Fly high above the desert and witness sunrise over Hajar Mountains with our luxurious and private flight options, perfect for romantic gestures as well as adventurous exploration. Our unique offering features an incredible in-flight falcon show - guaranteeing an extraordinary journey. Experienced pilots guide state-of-the-art balloons built to meet stringent safety standards, creating an unforgettable experience of thrill, safety, and breathtaking beauty on every flight. Be it for corporate events, weddings, or special celebrations; our customized experiences ensure not just a ride above Dubai's breathtaking landscapes - they promise lasting memories and feelings of wonderment for years to come!

Skyward Serenity: Unforgettable Hot Air Balloon Adventures with AL QUDRA TOURS

Experience the captivating skies of Dubai with AL QUDRA TOURS’ hot air balloon experiences, providing an unmatched view of its vast beauty. From peaceful sunrise ascents over Hajar Mountains to personalized private flights suitable for romantic escapades or unique proposals, each journey is designed to bring unforgettable moments above Dubai landscape. Our experienced pilots specialize in navigation as well as local history to ensure an engaging journey filled with discovery and safety, featuring an exclusive in-flight falcon show as a testament to our commitment to offering unforgettable experiences.

Skyward Wonders: Hot Air Balloon Adventures Over Dubai with AL QUDRA TOURS

Al Qudra Tours will add excitement and adventure to your adventure as we take you on an exhilarating hot air balloon ride over Dubai’s stunning desert. Sunrise and private flights offer you not just an aerial journey but an immersive experience into the beauty and serenity of desert dawn. Each flight becomes an event thanks to our special in-flight falcon show; an homage to this region’s rich cultural history.

Experienced pilots ensure your safety, sharing fascinating tales of desert landscape and sharing captivating facts that bring the desert landscape alive – and every moment in the air is full of amazement and learning! AL QUDRA TOURS offers an extraordinary adventure, combining flight with breathtaking views and profound exploration. Join us and experience the desert like never before: each flight tells its own unique tale!


Morning & Evening Desert Safari

Desert Safari Tour Packages

AL QUDRA TOURS provides an unforgettable six-hour desert safari experience, filled with exhilarating dune bashing, camel rides through sprawling sands and special desert activities like sandboarding. When the sun goes down, enjoy an exquisite dinner by the campfire before exploring Dubai's cultural offerings-from intricate designs of henna painting to mesmerizing rhythms of belly dancing! Our packages provide you with a glimpse of its vast beauty and vibrant traditions at unbeatable value; join us for an unforgettable journey that skillfully merges adventure with heritage all wrapped up into one affordable yet enriching experience!

Morning Desert Safari

Make memories to last a lifetime on an engaging morning safari with AL QUDRA TOURS in Dubai’s Arabian Desert. Explore its tranquil beauty at dawn while participating in thrilling activities such as dune bashing, camel riding and sandboarding – hotel pickup will ensure unforgettable memories are made along your adventure!

Evening Desert Safari

AL QUDRA TOURS’ Desert Evening Safari brings Dubai’s desert alive through exciting packages that highlight Emirati culture. Accompanied by expert guides, immerse yourself in its customs and breathtaking landscapes of Dubai’s deserts with AL QUDRA TOURS’ exclusive deals for luxury and comfort including thrilling activities such as dune buggy rides, quad biking, sandboarding and dune bashing led by professional guides; plus traditional experiences such as camel rides, henna painting and belly dancing beneath its sky – book your Dubai Desert Safari now for an unforgettable journey in its depths!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Desert safari is an exciting and adventuresome activity set inside a Bedouin camp where guests can witness live shows and experience life’s thrills and spills firsthand.

Fulfilling all activities will take approximately six hours; we can collect you from any desired location by 3:00 pm and drop you back off by 09:00 pm, while Dune Drive activities typically last 30 minutes.

Desert Evening Safari always ensures infant safety and wellbeing, and one unique aspect of our desert safari service is that children under 3 years old do not incur charges.

At Adventure Zone, we invite all adventure seekers aged 12 or above to give quad biking a try.

we recommend clothing and shoes that do not restrict movement while remaining streamlined. Sports gear or casual wear is appropriate; carry a jacket in winter months for added warmth if necessary. Don’t worry; all additional gear can be provided free of charge by us!

All guests aged 16 or above are welcome to drive our dune buggies. There is no age restriction for passengers of buggy.

Age restrictions for any passenger will range between 5 years and 80 years (those less than 5 or older than 80 are not allowed to fly), with any declaration form signed stating no serious medical problems such as:- Heart conditions – Knee or back bone surgeries in the last six months – Phobia of height – Pregnant ladies. Physical/mentality disabilities; or age group (5-12) considered adults.

Balloon flights typically occur from September to May each year with slight variations due to Dubai weather; weather in early spring can often be unpredicted or unpredictable; but winter flights usually offer clear views of desert dunes, sun rise, mountains on the south east side and the skyline of Dubai on its north western side.

Yes. As part of a government mandated requirement for reservations or tours, all passengers are obliged to submit either a copy of their ID (Passport/Emirates ID/other government issued IDs) when making their reservation or bring along the original on tour day.

Explore the Magic of Dubai’s Desert

Experience the rich Emirati culture with our exclusive desert safari packages. Our professional guides will lead an unforgettable journey through Dubai’s heartland, where you’ll witness stunning desert landscapes and partake in thrilling activities.

Luxury Desert Safari Deals

TExplore unparalleled luxury with our personalized Dubai desert safari deals. Crafted to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment, these packages include quad biking, BBQ dinners, henna painting, camel rides and much more – embark on an adventure you will never forget in the desert! Create lasting memories.

Thrilling Desert Adventures Await

Prepare yourself for heart-racing excitement with our thrilling adventure activities in Dubai's desert! From dune buggy rides, quad biking, sandboarding, and exhilarating dune bashing experiences - our skilled professionals guarantee you'll have an incredible time exploring its vast terrain.

Ride into the Sunset

Experience the magic of Dubai's breathtaking dunes on one of our scenic rides through their dunes! Choose between dune buggies, quad bikes or camels and get ready for an incredible journey that promises stunning views and thrilling thrills as you discover this tranquil environment.

Start Your Desert Adventure Today

Are you ready for an unforgettable desert experience? Book your Dubai desert safari with us, and witness a world of excitement and delight. With various packages - luxury experiences as well as action-packed excursions - there is something suitable for every guest to experience in the desert. Don't delay - start planning your adventure now!


What our happy clients say

Based on 2564 reviews
Susan H
Susan H
Super fun This is an awesome experience not to be missed , I was. A bit nervous at first but I am so glad I did this its fantastic , I had back back fused a couple of years ago so was a bit nervous but it’s not scary and it felt absolutely safe . Everyone that worked here was great . Did the sand board part as well which is so perfect to do both in one trip it’s all you need , don’t miss this
Tyler P
Tyler P
Dune Buggies The dune buggy experience was great. Our guide Tahir was fantastic. He showed us a great time. We were offered water, he took great photos of us in the desert and he even took us sandboarding while we were out there. When we got back he offered us soft drinks. Communication for the entire experience was very good.
Jason B
Jason B
Excellent! Excellent experience with Tahil. Picked up on time and had a great time on the dune buggy’s. Everyone very friendly and went above and beyond to make it a great experience!
Stewart C
Stewart C
Amazing experience in the buggy Amazing experience, from start to finish arrived on time, had drink on arrival in the desert and lots of time out in the buggy. Really powerful and myself and wife swapped to enjoy the experience. Definitely will do this again on our next trip to Dubai. ☺️
Incredible experience Absolutely amazing, would recommend to anyone. We were picked up from the hotel and bought to the HQ. Drinks provided throughout. Sand boarding was fun. Host was excellent
Try this out!! Amazing ! Definitely try this out. Fantastic experience. Such nice people. 10/10 Haider is the best! We will definitely be back! Absolutely loved it!
Gernot L
Gernot L
Funny Day is n the Dunes New Buggy and very good guide! Always felt save and got a lot of funny pictures. Easy communication and very flexible. Will do it again next time.
Nico D
Nico D
Excellent Absolutely outstanding service was picked up from our hotel. We had food and drinks and amazing experience on the buggies throughout the desert and a camera ride to top it off. Highly recommend
A fun trip Very cool tour, very good views and enough time. Buggy has a lot of power and very nice people. A short break in between to take pictures and do some sandboarding. 🙂
Meera M
Meera M
Dune buggy and sand buggy Lovely fun adventure. We had a good time we did the dune buggy and the sand buggy each for an hour. Tahir was our guide. Thank you very much

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