Rent a Dirt Bike in Dubai

Experience the desert of Dubai like never before with a well-maintained bike rental fleet in Dubai. Feel the energy of the desert as you turn in the air and do jumps, while endless off-road and sand tracks provide endless enjoyment. Take your work out and relax while Alqudra takes you on an informative guided tour through Dubai; we’re right here for outdoor adventurers like you who want to access unspoiled dirt easily. Visit us to get all the information necessary for enjoying these tracks; plus, we have our own rental fleet available too!

Safety Tips For MotorBike Riding

AL Qudra Tours will make you feel secure and sound. You will have access to the most modern equipment, which will help you protect yourself in case of an accident. Your entire body will be covered, from head to toe.

  • The helmet is made from impenetrable material without glass because it can break in case of a crash and won’t protect the head of a biker.
  • The helmet protects the rider’s jaw and prevents him from falling on the ground if he is riding in Dubai.
  • Protecting your body with body protection means a hard shell that protects the collarbones. These are the most vulnerable areas in an accident. Special hard plastic knee protectors protect the legs, while motocross boots are made from thick, heavy leather. Arm protection is more flexible so that bikers can ride freely.
Our riders receive all the safety equipment they need while riding their motorbike. It is always recommended to wear protective clothing and gloves while operating a motorbike; these measures reduce the chance of injuries due to falling objects or flying debris.
Motorbike accidents are frequently due to speeding. To maintain control over your motorcycle, maintain a steady speed that allows you to steer it easily. Even experienced riders may find desert terrain challenging – do not drift or take sudden turns without following instructions from an instructor.
Due to the unpredictable terrain in the desert, it is essential that all riders maintain a safe distance between themselves and other motorbikes. Be alert to your surroundings and prepared to stop suddenly if another motorbike passes you by.
Your motorbike’s headlight should always be on. In desert conditions, it can be difficult to differentiate between bumps and hills/holes; without knowing the slope depth, you could end up rolling over. To prevent this danger from occurring, keep your headlights on; they will enable you to recognize potentially hazardous situations and adjust your driving accordingly.
We took great effort to determine the safest and most enjoyable route for your motorbike ride through Dubai desert. When exploring this vast expanse, it is essential that you stay on this path; do not accelerate up or down while driving as this could cause you to crash into dunes or jump off their edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

All riders of bikes must be at minimum 18 years old.

No, all of our tours are off-road desert excursions and no driving license is necessary.

At our facility, you have multiple payment options to choose from including card payments, bank transfer and cash on the day of your visit.

If you have booked in advance, all we require is either your reservation or payment method for payment on the day of. There are no hidden fees for gas, equipment or passengers – everything is provided so that you can enjoy your trip to its fullest.

Our bikes can reach speeds of 140-150 km/h in the desert. These powerful machines will easily navigate through any terrain you put them through, but it’s best to limit your speed to what you feel comfortable driving safely.